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As the pandemic gripped the country, ACI launched one of the nation’s largest production lines for N95 respirator masks, creating hundreds of jobs in the process.  

Over the past year they've manufactured more than 90 million masks and become one of the largest suppliers of this duckbill style respirators.

Made in Florida
NIOSH Certification: TC84A-9318
50 masks per box
Duckbill / Headstrap

Material Composition  

  • Inner Facing: White Polypropylene Spunbond
  • Outer Facing: Blue Polypropylene Spunbond
  • Filter Media: White Electret-treated Meltblown
  • Headband: Light Blue, Elastomeric Polyurethane
  • Nosepiece: Annealed Carbon Wire


  • NaCl Penetration: <5% @ 85 lpm 
  • Exhalation Resistane: <25mm 
  • Inhalation Resistance: <35mm
  • Approved and Cleared for Use in Healthcare Settings by FDA/NIOSH
  • ASTM F1862 Level 3 Fluid Resistance
  • Flammability Class 1
  • Flat pouched design that provides a cooler breathing chamber
  • Non-abrasive comfort layer for moisture management 


Based on 41 reviews
Pam Grabowska
Comfortable Mask

I find the mask comfortable to wear. The duck bill design makes it easy to speak. The only difficulty for me is getting the straps over my head, but practice makes perfect.

ThI’m W.
Perfect with glasses and over-ear hearing aids

Because they fit around the head and not over the ear, the do not get tangled with over-ear wire hearing aids. Seal is tight but mask is comfortable. Nose wire allows easy adjustment for nose breathing. The straps must be separated to use, so it is easy to tell at a glance if the mask has been used before. Both my wife and I highly recommend this for non-medical personnel who want comfort but a high degree of Covid protection.

Benjamin M.
ACI duckbill respirator.

The headband is super comfortable but treads to shred rather too easily, they’re not kidding when they say these are single use as if you reuse them the head straps are comfortable but tend to shred. I am removing one star for not having nose foam these respirators would be nearly perfect if they had nose foam to prevent air escape around the nose, unfortunately they do they have a metal stay that conforms so the nose but no the foam that prevents the air escape- unfortunately therefore not perfect. I do like the otherwise design of these so much that I bought some foam to stick on them myself, but it would prefer it if they came with inner nose form as the 3m do.

Safe and Comfortable

I have tried a few other N95 masks, but this is the most comfortable and easier to breath. I wear glasses and this mask fogs the least of any other masks I have worn. I stopped wearing masks because Covid cases were down in my area. I got a mild case of Covid I am near 80 and consider myself lucky that this varient while very contaigeous is mild, Unless its due to the shots .Who knows?

Honestly a perfect mask (aside from fashion, but whatever)

Positives: Super easy to put on, breathable, the most comfortable straps around, excellent seal with no fiddling needed and NO GLASSES FOGGING, store flat until used, easily packable and take up little space, even smell nice (very very slightly sweet-powdery like a clean baby diaper straight out of the box). Less expensive than other N95s, too. Negatives: The baggy shape is straight-up not flattering and will not win any fashion points. But at this point I don';t really care. And that';s the only negative. These are my new go-to';s!

Christine S.
More comfortable than any other N95 mask

I have been wearing these masks since January 2022 with the Omicron variant. I have asthma and had Covid Pneumonia (in January 2021) knowing that I have chosen an excellent mask with ease of breathing which is good news for me. I don';t feel restricted with my breathing. It is not too tight, I can lift the bottom to drink from my water bottle with a straw. I wear them to the stores, drive-up windows, church, and work knowing that I am safe. I will definitely buy these again when I run out.

Chris K.
My go to mask

These masks are not only affordable but also fit great and have very high filtration. I like these even more than the Gerson masks cause they fit around my nose with a little less pressure. Plan to keep buying these as long as they make them.

Perfect seal and comfortable

This mask is very comfortable and it seals perfectly around my nose, cheeks, and chin. I have no complaints about the mask itself but I do wish the masks were individually wrapped.

Danielle S.
Can';t lie, I feel like

Can';t lie, I feel like a duck. But these are a lot easier to breathe in because there';s more room in front of my mouth -- and it';s just a better fit for my face. So yay. :)

Donna T.
Donna Tipton

I researched for an N95 mask that would be made in the USA, comfortable and breathable as I am 72 with breathing issues. This mask got the best reviews hands down. This mask lives up to the hype and I can honestly breathe well wearing it. It is not as tight as most on my face and loosens up after I wear it a bit. I also wear the surgical mask and absolutely LOVE IT. I highly recommend this N95 mask!