About Us

AgilisBarcelona was born in Spain in 2012. Bringing together a management team of footwear professionals with over 50 years experience in the marketing, design and manufacture of health and wellness footwear. AgilisBarcelona espadrilles are hand made in Spain, using a fusion of the latest technological advances in biomechanics, and centuries old Spanish artisan craft of shoe making, producing the most comfortable and stylish espadrille shoes you will ever wear.
AgilisBarcelona are determined to set the pace, world wide, in 'TechArt" fusing the latest in footwear sole technology and materials, with the wonderful artisan traditions of Spanish shoe making.
Now, for the first time, the world-renowned espadrille has been touched by 21st century nano technology. AgilisBarcelona incorporates FIR (Far Infrared Rays) into the ultra-modern sole of the espadrille, with health benefits never seen or felt before in a sophisticated hand made shoe. See our technology section to appreciate the tremendous wellness benefits of AgilisBarcelona.
In harmony with our name (Agilis = Latin for Agile) AgilisBarcelona are committed to embrace beneficial developments in our industry to enhance the experience and value received by our customers.

The Artisans

Our manufacturing facility near Murcia Spain, an area which is synonymous with the highest quality manufacturing of espadrilles, has the most talented artisan shoe makers in the country. Drawing on generations of shoe making experience and leveraging the vast heritage from the local community, our factory works with over 400 Artisan's whose families have been making espadrilles for hundreds of years.
The artisan craft of hand sewing each espadrille, is handed down from generation to generation, not losing any of the uniqueness of how espadrilles have been made over the centuries. This unique form of artisan shoe making cannot be industrialized using machines, so making each and every espadrille unique, having its own character. This traditional process is a way of life for our artisan workers, you will regularly see three generations of the same family sitting together, hand sewing espadrilles.
AgilisBarcelona espadrilles are hand made in Spain, for your enjoyment and pleasure, and all our staff and the Artisan's hope you enjoy this unique and timeless product, for many years to come.

Designed by:

Juana-Maria Salva one of Spain’s leading designers and product developer of footwear.
After graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York in 1996 she went back to her home town of Mallorca to join the family business of manufacturing ladies high-end shoes.
She honed her design and development skills with 7 years in the design and development department of the Spanish brand Farrutx.
In 2003 she joinedthe group Inditex, responsible of the footwear design department of Zara Woman, where she had the opportunity to bring her in depth knowledge of footwear design to the fast fashion business.
In 2007 she became freelance and worked for different companies and in 2011 she went back to Farrutx as the head of design and product development team.
Now Juana-Maria spearheads designing and developing the products of AgilisBarcelona.