The Technology

AgilisBarcelona anatomical foot bed, and the ground breaking bio-mechanical insole, is the base to build the most comfortable and health enhancing espadrille ever created.

Technology AgilisBarcelona

1. The Insole

Ⓐ Metatarsus Support. The metatarsal pad helps to redistribute weight on the forefoot for greater comfort.

Ⓑ Foot Arch Support. May help to reduce stress on the ankle and knees while standing and walking.

Ⓒ High Quality Anti-Bacterial Leather Footbed. Helps to prevent odor.

Ⓓ Heel Support. Helps relieve shock while walking.

Ⓔ Far Infrared (FIR) emitting material embedded in the sole provide a completely natural stimulant to the body’s circulation system.

Ⓕ Ortho Shank Foot Arch Support. May reduce or even relieve balance issues.

Ⓖ Shock Absorbing Latex Heel Cushion. For maximum heel impact reduction to help reduce stress on joints and bones, making walking more comfortable.

Ⓗ Ortho Cushioning. For maximum comfort.

2. The Anatomical foot bed

Contoured to the natural shape of your foot, to offer maximum comfort while supporting your feet. The AgilisBarcelona developed 'lasts "last" for the shoes have been carfully created to offer a best all round fit for customers. Hand crafted and manufactured in Spain with close attention to the details of every espadrille. All AgilisBarcelona footwear provide a more natural way to walk, due to the integrated flex cushion technology.

All of the sandals and wedges, use a unique cork latex compound, injection moulded footbeds braided in natural "jute" and hand sewn by the company's artisan shoe makers.

3. The Upper

Only the best quality materials are used in the AgilisBarcelona uppers, the very best leathers chosen for every shoe. The textile / canvas is of the highest quality, for maximum comfort and breathability for the foot.