Why does my mask fog up my glasses? - Armbrust American


If you wear prescription lenses or even sunglasses when you’re out and about and masked up, it’s only a matter of time before your glasses start r...

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Are Masks On Amazon Safe? - Armbrust American

Are Masks On Amazon Safe?

At first glance, Armbrust USA masks look very similar to many of the masks found on Amazon. Unlike the countless offerings on Amazon, we are an FD...

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Are Surgical Masks Bad for Your Skin? - Armbrust American


If you put on a mask and get an allergic reaction, please don’t blame the mask. The reaction is likely due to some sort of particulate that the ma...

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Why N95 Masks Aren't Perfect (Mask Questions) - Armbrust American

Why N95 Masks Aren't Perfect

N95 Respirator masks are the most frequently referenced when talking about the best masks you can wear. I love them, obviously, because I manufactu...

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Does Double Masking Really Work? An Explanation. - Armbrust American


Wearing a surgical mask is a great way to minimize the spread of COIVD-19. But no matter how good your surgical mask is, it loses its effectivenes...

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